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Who am I and how I can help you
My name is Igor.
I'm a graphic designer with an art-director skills.
live in Moscow but work as a freelancer all around the world.

I help companies create a unique and strong visual accompaniment developing logos, identity, presentations, web-design, manage design teams for large projects and organize their work, participate in the organization of advertising and promotion campaigns.

Most often people turn to me for branding or rebranding.
I am pleased to work with UI/UX for developers of games and Apps.

If your company needs a strong visual support that sells your products or services you can hire me as a graphic designer.

I prefer to communicate in a free form and I don't like boors and those who consider me as their subordinate but not as a partner. I prefer not to work with such people. I take up advertising only those goods and services that I consider to be qualitative.

I work 5-6 days a week. All the contacts for communication are at the bottom of the page. During working hours I usually reply within an hour. Probably I can also answer on the weekends.

What I sell
I work on creating a visual image that would distinguish your company from competitors attracted and retained customers and achieved its goals.
Specific units of my work are logos, brandbooks, icons, presentations, landing pages and websites, working prototypes with animation and correct transitions, screens and applications, various polygraphs and POS materials
How long does it take to work on each project?
Most projects run in the range of two weeks to one month, but sometimes more, sometimes less - depending on the number of tasks.
What is the process of work?
There are several stages: filling the brief and it's discussion, analyzing the business and studying competitors, brainstorming, selecting ideas and creating sketches (prototypes for web / ui), presentation of ideas, refinement. I carefully approach the study of the target audience, segmenting and understanding how the final product will be perceived. This is a fairly standard format but I stick to the creative approach throughout the work.

My goal is to find the strongest ideas and explain the advantages of each.
The next step is to prepare a PDF presentation that contains the most successful and specific options (from 5 to 10 ideas for developing a logo)

After the approval of the logo I offer the most relevant options for developing a corporate identity (2-3 versions) then I visualize them in an environment: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, packages etc.

The final step is the creation of a brand book in PDF format with usage guides.
What is the role of the client in the project?
Filling a brief is one of the important sources of information for my work so I need you to fill it out. Those who hire me ask a vector of work and decide in what direction we will develop the company's design.
Does the location matter?
Online communication saves us a lot of time and does not interfere with business cooperation. So no, I do not care where the customer is. Usualy I work from 9 am to 6 pm Moscow time so the most important thing is to be in touch at the agreed time.
How much is the work?
I do not have fixed prices. Everything depends on the task, the amount of information on it, the amount of work, urgency, the need to contact other performers. The exact price I can name only after filling in the brief and discussing the project.
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